Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ancient Oak

The stories are many
they cast a tale of times past
when the soldiers walked
the soft earth beneath their feet
the tree framed in beauty from the window
times not forgotten
how they leaned upon it
looking for strength to go on
a house where the comforts of food and drink were available
a porch to rest
someone to look out for them
rank had no meaning
for this place was a sanctuary for those that needed comfort
do not come on your horse
do not think you are better than those around you
your soul is no different
we all hurt
we are all tired
we all crave the fight for righteousness
we all believe
what? says the man who looks to his left or right and does not know whom he fights with
he has lost his soul
the vision is gone
never forget the one who is beside you daily giving his life for yours
man has in his heart to do what is right even if it is his life he must give
Ancestors now
the fight goes on
the soil just different that's all
the lives still lost
the comforts still missed
perused over carelessly
the tree still stands
the house maintained
lovingly cared for
adapted; practical
the porch still used for summertime bliss
spring nights of soft rain
and a ghost or two mingling
for preservation

The Oyster

My shell is rough
nooks that run deep
a tell tale sign of protection
the elements are harsh at times
barnacles of times sad
the sand that soothes me on the outside
now irritates on the inside
closed tightly secure in what I know
words of kindness help
each word cleaning the outside layers
cleansing on the inside as well
each day a new layer to soothe my discomfort
I am transforming
It may take years for me to learn
placing my trust not only in those around me
but in myself as well
heeding what is said without thought
brought to that day when my shell is opened
tenderly held lovingly knowing what is inside
eager anticipation that the years have changed me in a way I could never know
what emerges is beautiful
porous to still absorb the elements from around me
shiny stunning each layer perfectly laid to create a magnificiant piece
I am unique like no other
my color a different hue than any
my shape rounded like my soul
as I roll around in the palm of your hand
I am comforted in knowing you helped me to be something I could have never imagined

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

I'll give my best to you
I say here's what I can do
You give me peace of mind
That's grace undefined

Your all I need
Your all I need
each day is forward stepping
Your all I need
Your all I need
Tomorrow is tomorrow.

The clouds move past
Their silent waves
casting a dim shadow
The darkness looms
but do not fear
The sun is never far

Your all I need
Your all I need
each day is forward stepping
Your all I need
Your all I need
Tomorrow is Tomorrow