Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jesus you are mine
Forever in my soul now
We will meet again

You are my Savior
Resting in the waters
Living within me

Peace has overcome
My days seem not so long
I seek my future

You shall come again
Your company I desire
Take me Lord with you

Living that you give
Delight is for tomorrow
Unspeakable Joy

Fill me with your love
For all around to see it
Let them see you friend

Teach me in your ways
So that I might share it Lord
They need to know you

Go, you have told me
Tell them what I know for sure
For eternity

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Hearts

Two Hearts

It is a journey
Soul searching
You must go inside
To the depths
The core where deep fear lies
Only some can take us there
Because only they can bring us back
Changed with new respect
Closing our eyes to feel
Determination and perseverance being the rule
Understanding that our path may not be chosen but given
One which is filled with things that many may not see
Eyes that were given to few
These words cannot tell the story
One can only live it
A gift given
Dancing laughter
A life
Protecting ourselves from the inevitable
The loss and flight
Gratitude and release
True tenderness
Two hearts
Forever linked

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rode Freedom

where people see you as one, but you are so different
The image is not theirs but is soft, and kind hearted
you notice the things around you
moving freely
The wind is in all directions
The smells
honeysuckle in the spring
soft rain in the summer beating from the asphalt
burning leaves in the autumn
winter brings the scent of snow
colors during the day
bright and vibrant producing it’s own kind of rainbow
at night a sense of protection blanketed over you
calm and peaceful
your own thoughts
a Zen like quality
the smile, the wave, the nod
a sense of belonging
where you go has no direction because it takes you
you can see the world, you can sense the feeling, and you can breathe the air
for you are intertwining souls forever