Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A big surprise to us

Now that we live in the country there are of course LOTS of horse barns and riding lessons around.  When we asked the kids what they wanted to do for extracurricular activities Kyra wanted to do horseback riding.
Well I contacted a gentleman about lesson and he told me a price.  As Michael and I were discussing it we found a Groupon for the first lesson dirt cheap!  (Love Groupon!!)  We told Kyle that he needed to go to the barn with us and watch Kyra's lesson.  Well he decided if he was going to be there, he was going to ride.  Smart kid.  One problem.  This is the child who REFUSES to be around horses.   Little did we know when we bought TWO Groupons what would happen.

Meet "Ritz".  His daddy "He puttin on the Ritz" was the 1996 World Grand Champion.  He is a Tennessee Walking Horse.  Kyra was going to Ride him because she was more experienced than Kyle.  She has ridden a few times with the Girl Scouts.

Kyle's horse was "Dandy".   We didn't learn much about him except he was extremely docile.  A perfect match for Kyle.  We thought it was most appropriate as their teacher Donnie told Kyle he would be just dandy on "Dandy"!  Still the nerves were there for Kyle.

I love this picture.  Both of the kids were put to work just as soon as we arrived at the barn.  They had to brush the horse before riding.  Then they had to lead their horses to the ring to have their lesson.  Their teacher got them to do more work than me!!   I liked him immediately!  Ha! Ha!

By the time we made it to the ring, Kyle was establishing a relationship with "Dandy".  Kyle was very good at being patient while he waited for Kyra to mount "Ritz".  The dog in the picture is one of about six that were hanging around.  They came up to us when we arrived.  They did not bark, jump up, or do anything but sit down next to you and wait to be petted!  I am not a dog lover per se but I would have taken one of these dogs home.  They kept Michael and I entertained along with the kids while the lessons were going on.  They were like Rodeo Clowns!

Another favorite picture.  You can't see their faces but someone is terrified in this picture!  Can you guess which one?

It wasn't Kyle!!  We were surprised to find out that Kyle did really well with "Dandy".  He was nervous but did really well and Michael and I were cracking up at the things he said while riding.

Although Kyra was REALLY nervous on "Ritz", she stuck to it and we were proud of her.  She did eventually move to "Dandy" and felt more comfortable.  She said "Ritz" was like Kyle- Had a mind of his own and she couldn't control him!  LOL!  Kyle agreed and formed an immediate bond with "Ritz"!

Poor Kyle though...  He managed to get the horse that needed to go to the bathroom... So here is picture #1 (As Donnie told us to name it!)

Kyle was doing so well he moved up to "Ritz" while Kyra went to "Dandy".   This would be picture #2 (Again, as Donnie told us to name it!)  Donnie told Kyle he could come work at the barn.   He said there was lots to "pick up" around there!  

Throughout their lesson Donnie took pictures of the kids and this is where he "posed" them at the end of the lesson.  

This is something we will do again.   The kids had a great time and Michael and I got the best show!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Cupcake Bite

Since moving to the area, Kyra and I have been wanting to check out this cute cupcake shop. 
 It is in the historic downtown area of Fuquay Varina, NC.
It was so charming we had to go inside!

This display was in the front window and two little boys were ducking down behind it as I snapped the picture!

Cupcake bite offers 10 varieties of cupcakes baked fresh daily, along with cake bites, cake pops, coffee drinks and other delicious treats.  

The cake bites were incredible!  The one on the left was coconut and the one on the right was a banana, chocolate, & peanut butter.  Then they covered them in chocolate!
  They were "just enough" to have your fill without going overboard. 
 I still might be in trouble with these!  ~So Yummy!~

 The ladies were diligently working to keep up with the demand of those wanting these fabulous treats!  They had this observation window where small children could stand on a stool and watch them decorate the cupcakes.

The seating area had four tables like the one pictured.  They were comfortable chairs and plenty of room to visit with friends.  It was spacious in the shop as well.

We decided to take some home to the boys. OK, really we wanted to sample all the flavors!  Here are the choices we made.  Starting at the top left, Blondie, Triple Chocolate, Cookies and Cream.  Front row from the left is Banana White Chocolate, (Flavor of the Week) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Coconut Creme.   OH YUM!

I am pretty sure we are getting a gym membership this week...  


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pirate Invasion

This past weekend we went back in time.  We went to see the Pirate Invasion in Beaufort, North Carolina.  It re-enacts June 14, 1747 when 13 militia men were stationed in Beaufort to fend off Spanish privateers.

They had lots of different activities such as sword fighting, a scavenger hunt through town, costume contest, and of course Pirates!

My Pirates had lots of fun!  This is something Michael has not attended since he was in the 5th grade!  At the Invasion there is a real Privateer (a government sanctioned Pirate!).  His name is Sinbad and lives aboard the Meka II which is the tall ship in the first picture.

They also re-enact the hanging of the Spanish Privateers. (We didn't watch!)  This was at the courthouse.  They say that some of the Spanish privateers are buried right in Beaufort!

The encampment was a nice place for shade for the women waiting for their men.  It looked to me like these women were pretty tired.

Our two almost were captured!  It would not be the first time for my family!  My ancestor Michael Keagy survived his ship being boarded by pirates.  His mother was killed and he lived with the pirates for 3 years before escaping.  If only my two would learn to swab the deck...


Friday, August 12, 2011


Tonight I went to Soak.  
It was a special time put on by our church Crosspointe Church in Cary, NC.
The program above was handed out at the door.  On the back it read that "You owe nothing to this event.  Your're not here to perform."  "We want to provide you the gift of space to connect with your Father in any way the two of you choose."  Be still and know...   Bibles, paper, pens are scatted around.  Music can be background or you can engage with it.   The setting was there. Was I?

At first when I entered it was hard to be calm.  My mind still wandered to the things that had transpired throughout the day.  Michael and I settled into a high top cafe style table with a softly lit lamp, candles, communion, and note cards.  

Around us people were transfixed into a quiet time of reflection.  The word, song, fellowship, communion it was peaceful.  The only words spoken were the singers set up on one side of the room.  All wearing black to blend into the atmosphere.   My mind slowly cleared and everything was put on hold.  I could feel a sense of calm come over me.  I listen with my mind, my heart, my soul.  The singer sang "I belong to you. Sickness cannot hold us back, nothing can take me from your great love."   The words I needed right then knowing that Michael's uncle had been taken to the hospital just hours before where they found he had a mass on his brain.

Not wanting to leave I continued to listen to the songs- Healing is in your hands, Restless, Holy Surrender, Lead me to the cross, At the foot of the cross.   A few of the songs sung softly and tenderly to embrace us into the love of Jesus.  I was completely at peace.  

When I did leave.  I snapped this picture.  Yes, I was ready.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pieces of the past

We stopped on our way home from Richmond the other day.  We needed a break from riding in the car and this antique mall was just the place!  It used to be a cotton mill at one point and the building was very interesting.
As we wandered through the "mall" I noticed many items from my childhood.   This of course made me feel very old!  This cookie jar to the left my parents used for so many years.  I wonder if it made the trip to Florida when they moved.  Hmmm...
 This bowl reminds me of my Grandma Baney.  I remember a bowl like this at her house.  I loved the soft pink and blue with the creamy color bowl.
 I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this.  It could not be an antique!  I got a copy of this recipe book when I got married 20 years ago.  (So maybe it is... Remind me to pick up a new copy for James and Rachel's wedding in November!)
 This piano was fantastic.  It dated back to the 1800's!  I think it might need to be in the Haunted Mansion at Disney with those candlesticks!
 Kyra, of course, wanted to show me how much she wants piano lessons.
All of my siblings and I can play piano, some (ahem) better than others!
 She did not however want this outfit.  I am not sure why.  I think the hat is lovely with the dress!  Tee hee!
 This organ is just like my Grandma Baney's.  I wish it hadn't been so covered up to get a good shot.  Since we all took lessons growing up I can remember going and playing around on the organ while visiting.

While no one I know has owned a typewriter like this I am sure someone did in my ancestral line.  It may have been a fine piece of machinery in its time but I am just glad I do not need it to blog!


Friday, August 5, 2011

SW- I can handle it

I was so excited that some curriculum was coming in today.  
I could return the book I borrowed.   
I no longer would have to go to the library for the World Book Encyclopedia set.
So when that truck pulled up I was thrilled!

Imagine my surprise when he is holding a small box.
What??  Is that it?
I know my curriculum could not fit in that box!
Disappointment was flooding me!

We had to open this box quickly to see what mistake THEY had made! 
(Of course it would never be MY fault! Ha! Ha! )

It was no mistake.  It was a surprise for Kyra.
See back in June we bought her a DVD for her birthday.
Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"

Well she was one of 500 people Worldwide to win a T-Shirt and a signed, framed movie cell.
Imagine her surprise when it was not curriculum!
Pre-Teen hormones were now filling my living room!
The boys were laughing and shaking their heads as she danced around the room shrieking!

I in my misery could not compute what had just happened.  
Although thrilled for her, where was my box??

As it turns out, 23111 is NOT a zip code for North Carolina. 
It belongs to the state above us. Where we had previously lived.

Wednesday August 10th will be the day I go shrieking through the house.
SW- I can handle it!