Monday, September 26, 2011

City Slicker

PhotobucketSo I have ZERO pictures to post on my story here.  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Today Michael asked me to walk with him.  Since I was having some foot pain (nothing major) and going to the doctor for it I opted out.  Imagine my anxiety level when the phone rings and it is Michael yelling at me "Where are the BB's"?   Ok... this is where I have to interject.  I am not a gun person.  The only gun I KNOW where everything is would be the 9mm with the really big bullets and I can't even shoot it.  **Whining** It hurts my hand to shoot.  So I answer him truthfully "Ummm.... I don't know"?  Then ever so stupidly I say "Why"?
No reply.  Just a "Ask Kyle"!!

Ok... Off to find Kid #1.   "Do you know where the BB's are"?  "It is an emergency".   His answer "Really"?  "Why"?   Really?  You are going to ask me that too?   Again... I don't know.   "Dad wants them NOW"!  I tell him.

Kid #2   "What is going on"?  she asks.   Again...   "Do you know where the BB's are"?  "It is an emergency".   Her answer "Really"?  "Why"?    We are in the same house and they are across the hall from each other.
Again... I don't know.   "Dad wants them NOW"!  I tell her.

We all three troop outside to see Michael wrangling a SNAKE with a broom!!  Well no wonder I thought!  Can't do much with a broom!   "Well, where are the BB's"?  He asks us.  We still have no answer.  So we start looking in the garage while Michael continues his struggle with the snake.  Kyle finds it interesting and decides he wants to look at it so he walks up almost right to it!  Goodness!  The child AFRAID bugs has NO FEAR of snakes!  SHEESH!!

I finally find 4 measly BB's in the ammo case after I pulled out all the boxes.  I bring Michael  the BB's and gun.  "Seriously"?  He asks.  "Yep, Make it count"!  I tell him to which he glares at me.  Well he did.  He hit it every time however, it was adamant that he was still going into the bushes!  Michael started to "sweep" him to towards the road.  He went all the way up the long driveway and pushed him out onto the road.  Right into the MIDDLE of the lane.  EIGHT cars went over him.  Not  ONE hit him.  Slither, Slither.  Cop car.... BAM!  He took care of it for us.   Now I have mush in front of the mailbox.  I guess we know who will be getting the mail for a while.  It will not be me.

City Slicker I am.... if it has to do with snakes anyway.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aisle 50 and Lowes

About a month ago Michael said there was a new website coming out that was like "Groupon" or "Living Social" but it was for the grocery store.  It was called  Hmmm... I thought how would that work?  Well here is a quick run down on how it works and the great deal we got!

1.  Sign up of course!
2.  Buy the deal (so far just like the others!)  This deal was 2- 64 oz cartons of juice for $2.79!
3.  Put in your reward card # for your store.  (This deal was at Lowes foods.  The stores will vary.)
4.  Go to the store and pick up your item (you have several weeks to pick up the item)

Well this is what happened.  Steps 1-3 went perfectly.  Step 4 well....

I picked up the 2 cartons of orange juice and proceeded to the checkout.  For whatever reason (I believe I put in the wrong card number) it did not scan.   I did not bother with the other option (you have is to print out the "coupon" and bring it with you) because I thought I had it.  I would now highly recommend for the first time you print it in case you do the same thing I did.  I was embarrassed that it looked like I was trying to leave two cartons of orange juice richer.  So I tried to pull up the email confirmation and prove my intentions were legit! Of course I had to remember where I was at.  There was no need.   They just said "No problem" took my word and processed the order at no charge to me. (Remember I really did pay for this earlier online)  This is why I shop at Lowes foods!

 I did not have to make a return trip, and most importantly they believed me!  Amazing in this day and age!  For that I will be a loyal Lowes shopper.

I do recommend   It is was easy (If you do it right!) and it was an extremely good deal.  Check it out and see if it is in your area!  Your deal may be better than mine!



Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook and Math

Today I went online to take a quick peek at Facebook.  Imagine my surprise to find a math problem on Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese page!

Since this is exactly what we have been working on with Kyra (Order of operation), I called her in to see if she wanted to work the problem.  Well she did!  She got right to it with excitement and zeal!

She was amazing at figuring out the problem!  I guess I will be checking this page more often!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lunch Counter

 Last week after Hurricane Irene made her visit I took my Mother- in-Law and kids downtown.  Downtown Fuquay Varina that is.  I wanted to take them to visit a couple little stores like the Lazy Lion Used Bookstore, a thrift store and Elliott's Pharmacy for an Orangeade!

Elliott's Pharmacy takes you back to a day where you had simple sandwiches like pimento cheese and BLT's.  You could get a cold Coca-Cola or an Orangeade and thick milkshakes were mixed up in no time.  You could relax in a booth or sit right at the counter.  Lots of choices.

While my Mother- in- Law was here she was reading the book The Help. ( I had already read it.)    She told me that she used to work at a lunch counter just like this one.  She was asked to put a black persons lunch in a bag not on a plate like a white persons.  She was 17 at the time.  I know prejudice still exists in all forms, but I hope we never have to feel the way those in the book did or in real life like my Mother-in-Law.  Be a Skeeter.