Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jesus you are mine
Forever in my soul now
We will meet again

You are my Savior
Resting in the waters
Living within me

Peace has overcome
My days seem not so long
I seek my future

You shall come again
Your company I desire
Take me Lord with you

Living that you give
Delight is for tomorrow
Unspeakable Joy

Fill me with your love
For all around to see it
Let them see you friend

Teach me in your ways
So that I might share it Lord
They need to know you

Go, you have told me
Tell them what I know for sure
For eternity


Jennettehogan said...

Shelly - I had no idea that you wrote poetry. I really enjoy reading your poems. I think that this one is my favorite.

Adri Hunt said...

Hi Shelly! So neat to see you write poems! Looking forward to seeing you down here for Grandma's b-day... hope you can swing it! We have so much fun with you guys!