Friday, February 3, 2012


So I have been really busy lately! I have learned to make scarves. Not just one or two but several and have had a lot of fun doing it. A couple of my friends have been making them too and selling them for activities for the kids. Well of course that got me thinking that I needed to do that too! I mean Michael has been out of work for the last year and anything that came in would be a blessing right? You betcha! So with good etiquette I am linking you to my friend Valerie's page in case I don't have the right color. Click here for Valerie's page  If you don't see it on either page just give me a comment and I will look into getting the colors you want.  I put all prices under the pictures.  Just comment if you would like one.  Thank you!

Turquoise String Scarf $10

Pink/Green String Scarf $10

Orange/Pink Tie-Dye  $10

Soft Olive Green String Scarf  $10

Yellow Tie-Dye  $10

Red String Scarf $10

We call this the NC State Tie Scarf  $20 
Colors: Red, Black, and White

Another NC State Scarf!  $15
This one has a Red, Black, and White Tie that can be sold separately for $5
The band can be used for a headband, belt, tie around string scarves or anything else you can imagine!

Olive Green Fringe Scarf $8

Starbella Ruffled Scarf (Autumn) $25

Pirouette Ruffled Scarf  (Orchid Shimmer) $20

Pirouette Ruffled Scarf  (Midnight Blue) $20

Pirouette Ruffled Scarf  (Sienna Sparkle) $20

If you didn't get a good look or don't know how to wear the scarves Kyra decided she needed to "make a commercial" so you would be informed.  I guess that makes it an infomercial!  Enjoy!


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