Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching up with the Corn Maze

So I am pitifully trying to catch up!   With the wedding in less than a week I am forcing myself to sit down.  Ok so I am coloring my hair and while I wait.... I am going to catch up!

In September we went to a local corn maze called Ken's Korny Corn Maze.

Sunday Afternoons were a great time to go.  Not too crowded and we had wonderful weather!

 There were lots of activities for families to do while you waited.

Bales of hay awaited  long lines.
We did not have any lines at  all!    

They even had an old fire engine and log cabin to look at on the property!  So cool!  We loved it!

Kyle was our brave leader!  He fearlessly led us through 2.5 miles of corn maze!

Daddy checked off each letter we found and hole punched it for us.  

The kids were so tired!  They were glad to find the last letter!  It was a great family day!


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