Monday, January 16, 2012

Do not play with your are making these hot dogs!

I started out with Nathan's hot dogs which is a favorite in our house.

I made 3 different styles although there were more varieties I could have made I am usually the only one who eats the toppings and I didn't want to risk wasting food.  (A big no-no in our house!!)  I did not need to worry as both the Tween and Teen ate all three dogs (and more!)
So who wants a plain dog?  Not me but hey... sometimes that is delicious too.  So for you plain Jane's out there, I took this picture for you!

The next hot dog I did was a re-creation of the best hot dog I ever put in my mouth!  On a trip back from Florida, detouring through different cities, my mom and I stopped at a place called Jack's Cosmic Dogs in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  Their specialty was a Cosmic Dog.  Now I will not tell you that mine even came close, but when I saw that Harris Teeter had a Blue Cheese Slaw I started salivating at the counter.  I must have it.  A true Cosmic dog has Sweet potato mustard as well and that is what really sets their dog apart.  In any case.  Here is my version Chili and Blue Cheese Slaw.  If you are in Charleston area...Jack's has 3 locations now so try them out.  You will not be disappointed!

My next hot dog I was unsure of trying.  I am a fan of all the ingredients, but mix them together?  Well this one ended up being my personal favorite!   Avocado and Greek Yogurt hot dog!  Might be my favorite since I am gobbling up Avocado's lately!  Love them!!  This was so good I am having it for lunch today!  My bun was not the best for this picture as it was split on the side but the yogurt held it together as I munching away.

This last hot dog started this hot dog theme.  It is by far the most unusual.  I would say it is a kid's hot dog except that in Ohio we love a three-way and a coney from Skyline so why not mix them!   Well I didn't really mix them since I didn't put onions, beans, and cheese on it but you could and it would be so tasty!   A Spaghetti hot dog!

I just added chili.  We could of added cheese but wanted you to see the hot dogs with the spaghetti in the dogs.  Now below you will see them on a plate.  You could add regular Spaghetti sauce and have them instead of meatballs or the sauce on the bun instead of chili.  Anyway you fashion them they are delicious!

Now I know the next question you have is "How did you do that?"   Of course I will tell you it is so simple your children can make dinner for you!   Just start with the raw hot dog and cut it into bite size pieces as shown below.

At this point I was having so much fun I laid the camera down and forgot to take another picture!!   So here are the final instructions.  I am sure you can do it without a picture.  Take dry spaghetti noodles and stick them through the pieces.  Then put them into a pot of boiling water and cook as you would for regular noodles.   (5-7 minutes)   Use tongs to remove and add sauce/chili/hot dog bun....etc.

**Tip**  Most people use bread if they are out of buns.  If you want to save calories or watching your carb intake then try sandwich thins for your bun.  They work well and you do not miss all the bread!

I served fresh fruit with our hot dogs.  Yes, we had to sing that "fruit salad song"  which will now be in my head for the second day in a row!   Yummy Yummy!

All the hot dogs were grilled on a George Foreman with the exception of the Spaghetti ones!  Now if your weather is right... get outside and cook your dogs.  They will take much better!

I hope you enjoyed these hot dog toppings and will try them!  What are your favorite toppings?


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