Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aisle 50 and Lowes

About a month ago Michael said there was a new website coming out that was like "Groupon" or "Living Social" but it was for the grocery store.  It was called  Hmmm... I thought how would that work?  Well here is a quick run down on how it works and the great deal we got!

1.  Sign up of course!
2.  Buy the deal (so far just like the others!)  This deal was 2- 64 oz cartons of juice for $2.79!
3.  Put in your reward card # for your store.  (This deal was at Lowes foods.  The stores will vary.)
4.  Go to the store and pick up your item (you have several weeks to pick up the item)

Well this is what happened.  Steps 1-3 went perfectly.  Step 4 well....

I picked up the 2 cartons of orange juice and proceeded to the checkout.  For whatever reason (I believe I put in the wrong card number) it did not scan.   I did not bother with the other option (you have is to print out the "coupon" and bring it with you) because I thought I had it.  I would now highly recommend for the first time you print it in case you do the same thing I did.  I was embarrassed that it looked like I was trying to leave two cartons of orange juice richer.  So I tried to pull up the email confirmation and prove my intentions were legit! Of course I had to remember where I was at.  There was no need.   They just said "No problem" took my word and processed the order at no charge to me. (Remember I really did pay for this earlier online)  This is why I shop at Lowes foods!

 I did not have to make a return trip, and most importantly they believed me!  Amazing in this day and age!  For that I will be a loyal Lowes shopper.

I do recommend   It is was easy (If you do it right!) and it was an extremely good deal.  Check it out and see if it is in your area!  Your deal may be better than mine!



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