Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lunch Counter

 Last week after Hurricane Irene made her visit I took my Mother- in-Law and kids downtown.  Downtown Fuquay Varina that is.  I wanted to take them to visit a couple little stores like the Lazy Lion Used Bookstore, a thrift store and Elliott's Pharmacy for an Orangeade!

Elliott's Pharmacy takes you back to a day where you had simple sandwiches like pimento cheese and BLT's.  You could get a cold Coca-Cola or an Orangeade and thick milkshakes were mixed up in no time.  You could relax in a booth or sit right at the counter.  Lots of choices.

While my Mother- in- Law was here she was reading the book The Help. ( I had already read it.)    She told me that she used to work at a lunch counter just like this one.  She was asked to put a black persons lunch in a bag not on a plate like a white persons.  She was 17 at the time.  I know prejudice still exists in all forms, but I hope we never have to feel the way those in the book did or in real life like my Mother-in-Law.  Be a Skeeter.


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