Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovin the Bounty- Fresh Produce CO-OP

My friend Joleen invited me to join her produce co-op.  Let me just say I JUMPED at the chance to join!  I was so excited to get fresh fruits and vegetables that I just couldn't wait for the next opportunity.  Well this is the 2nd week.  The first week I got lots of things like oranges, avocados, onions, sweet potatoes and blackberries!  That wasn't a complete list but some of the items we didn't get this time.  I am VERY grateful for variety!!  Pictured below is one of the boxes of items.

All of the pictures are the actual food I received.  Life is like a bowl of cherries and I am not in the pits!  Ha! Ha!  Go Erma!  Poor girl she was always in the pits.  These are so sweet and yummy!

Grapes!! I got some last time and they were gone in no time!!  My kids LOVE grapes! Kyle really loves the green best ( I am sure it is because it is his favorite color and they are more sour) but we love these red ones!

Broccoli!!  Another favorite of ours!  Yes, my kids LOVE broccoli too!
Isn't it a beautiful green color?  This is some right after I blanched them for the freezer.

Romaine Lettuce!!  Oh yeah!  I eat one to two salads a day so I really like the fresh lettuce!  I must be a rabbit at heart!

I have a large pot of tomatoes stewing down to make homemade sauce right now!  It smells wonderful.  Can you smell it??  Mmmm....     The last picture below is Kyra's photography skills at work.  I have told her not to play with her food but... well sometimes you just gotta!

Remember to support you local farmers and have a bountiful dinner table too!



tammy said...

Thanks for commenting on my daughter's room over at One Step at a Time! :)

I love fresh produce!! Looks like you scored big time. :) Enjoy all the yummy eating.

Willis Family said...

Thank you Tammy! I look forward to reading your posts!