Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pirate Invasion

This past weekend we went back in time.  We went to see the Pirate Invasion in Beaufort, North Carolina.  It re-enacts June 14, 1747 when 13 militia men were stationed in Beaufort to fend off Spanish privateers.

They had lots of different activities such as sword fighting, a scavenger hunt through town, costume contest, and of course Pirates!

My Pirates had lots of fun!  This is something Michael has not attended since he was in the 5th grade!  At the Invasion there is a real Privateer (a government sanctioned Pirate!).  His name is Sinbad and lives aboard the Meka II which is the tall ship in the first picture.

They also re-enact the hanging of the Spanish Privateers. (We didn't watch!)  This was at the courthouse.  They say that some of the Spanish privateers are buried right in Beaufort!

The encampment was a nice place for shade for the women waiting for their men.  It looked to me like these women were pretty tired.

Our two almost were captured!  It would not be the first time for my family!  My ancestor Michael Keagy survived his ship being boarded by pirates.  His mother was killed and he lived with the pirates for 3 years before escaping.  If only my two would learn to swab the deck...



Jeanne said...

So cool! We both enjoyed reading about the event!

Rhonda@laugh-quotes said...

Sounds like a really fun (and educational) event. Those are always the best kind. Thanks for stopping by at Laugh Quotes and let me know if you need anything for your NZ study.

Willis Family said...

Thanks Rhonda! I appreciate that!