Friday, August 5, 2011

SW- I can handle it

I was so excited that some curriculum was coming in today.  
I could return the book I borrowed.   
I no longer would have to go to the library for the World Book Encyclopedia set.
So when that truck pulled up I was thrilled!

Imagine my surprise when he is holding a small box.
What??  Is that it?
I know my curriculum could not fit in that box!
Disappointment was flooding me!

We had to open this box quickly to see what mistake THEY had made! 
(Of course it would never be MY fault! Ha! Ha! )

It was no mistake.  It was a surprise for Kyra.
See back in June we bought her a DVD for her birthday.
Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"

Well she was one of 500 people Worldwide to win a T-Shirt and a signed, framed movie cell.
Imagine her surprise when it was not curriculum!
Pre-Teen hormones were now filling my living room!
The boys were laughing and shaking their heads as she danced around the room shrieking!

I in my misery could not compute what had just happened.  
Although thrilled for her, where was my box??

As it turns out, 23111 is NOT a zip code for North Carolina. 
It belongs to the state above us. Where we had previously lived.

Wednesday August 10th will be the day I go shrieking through the house.
SW- I can handle it!


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