Friday, August 19, 2011

Cupcake Bite

Since moving to the area, Kyra and I have been wanting to check out this cute cupcake shop. 
 It is in the historic downtown area of Fuquay Varina, NC.
It was so charming we had to go inside!

This display was in the front window and two little boys were ducking down behind it as I snapped the picture!

Cupcake bite offers 10 varieties of cupcakes baked fresh daily, along with cake bites, cake pops, coffee drinks and other delicious treats.  

The cake bites were incredible!  The one on the left was coconut and the one on the right was a banana, chocolate, & peanut butter.  Then they covered them in chocolate!
  They were "just enough" to have your fill without going overboard. 
 I still might be in trouble with these!  ~So Yummy!~

 The ladies were diligently working to keep up with the demand of those wanting these fabulous treats!  They had this observation window where small children could stand on a stool and watch them decorate the cupcakes.

The seating area had four tables like the one pictured.  They were comfortable chairs and plenty of room to visit with friends.  It was spacious in the shop as well.

We decided to take some home to the boys. OK, really we wanted to sample all the flavors!  Here are the choices we made.  Starting at the top left, Blondie, Triple Chocolate, Cookies and Cream.  Front row from the left is Banana White Chocolate, (Flavor of the Week) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Coconut Creme.   OH YUM!

I am pretty sure we are getting a gym membership this week...  



Kelly Combs said...

Love your blog! And those cupcakes look divine!

Willis Family said...

Thanks Kelly! Your one of my inspirations for blogging!

Jeanne said...