Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have recently learned the proper way to do frozen foods.  Well proper by means of my friend Joleen.  I was always concerned about storage and she said "Use bags".  Well OK then.  I had used bags before but I was sure that there was something more to it.  I also am not a math whiz when it comes to doubling, tripling, or quadrupling a recipe.  Now of course I can do it but who wants to think about it?  Then there is the issue of not having the right ingredients for when you pull out your "meal" and you don't have say... Parmesan cheese or BBQ sauce.  *Sigh*   Yes these are issues we all know.  So she said just use this software called advantage cooking.  It has a trial offer.  So I did.  Well I love it!  I have been cooking up a storm and have a freezer that is filling up fast!   My one tip is to save a shelf to make sure your bags get flat so they can stand up and down in the freezer.    So for you all out there who have never done this.  Start surfing the web for recipes and get making some food.  Your freezer in no time will look like mine!  This way you can sit back relax enjoy the holidays and when January rolls around pull out some Turkey Rice Soup or some Barley Beef Soup and have a bowl with me!

This is my actual freezer.  When I was surfing around for recipes I found that there were lots of people who will tell you about freezer cooking but none show you their freezer.  It seemed like I saw the same picture over and over.  So here is mine.  As you can see I still have room for more.  I would love to have more recipes so feel free to comment and tell me yours!



Jennettehogan said...

What a great idea! I am going to have to try making my meals and then freezing them. Usually I am just scrambling everyday trying to put a meal together. Lately I have been REALLY in to making bread and the recipe I have makes three loaves so my freezer Has MANY a frozen loaf of homemade bread! YUM!

Jeanne said...

I am planning on enjoying some of those meals! Where oh where did those organizing skills come from?? I'm just an organizer wanna be..struggling at my age to become one!

Willis Family said...

So far everything has turned out. Now we had to laugh at the hotel this weekend as we were eating our home cooked meals. Apparently mashed potatoes unfreeze as a liquid and then thicken up as you go along. James was not willing to try it but Kyra did and loved them!