Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm a Nut for Nutella!

 So I found a website I really like to use. It is called Stumble Upon. Well I “stumbled upon” this recipe and because I LOVE Nutella I had to try it! The recipe is Nutella Ice Cream. It is a simple recipe that requires two ingredients. I made a ½ recipe to see if we liked it. The full recipe is to blend 6 bananas and 1 cup of Nutella. You will freeze and then eat.

This picture shows what it looks like coming out of the freezer. I left it in the freezer overnight and it had a darker sheen on top. I did not cover it.

Now if you absolutely LOVE chocolate covered bananas you will probably like this recipe. I do not like bananas. So I didn't love it but it is a great alternative for the kids. I also made some with just bananas and peanut butter. That was pretty good too but still a banana flavor. I may have to experiment with this recipe some more!

I have found other recipes and will be posting some over this week hopefully!  Even a guest poster too!  So check back to see what's cooking during the holiday season!

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Jeanne said...

I love bananas. This looks great and healthy! I also have a new blog!