Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kyle's Creation

 Today I am a guest poster on my mom's blog. This post is about how I made chocolate chip pancakes. As you can see my main ingredients are dark chocolate chips and Bisquick pancake mix. My other ingredients were milk and eggs. I used dark chocolate chips because they are healthier and they were all I could find.  Mom likes the Natural Pancake syrup so I added it in the picture.  Any syrup would do or you could eat them without like Kyra and I did.

Here I mixed everything in the bowl. I started with the mix. Then I poured in the milk, Then I put in my two eggs, and finally I added my chocolate chips. Then I stirred them for about 4 minutes. Then I poured them onto the pan and cooked them and flipped them.

 Here is the finished product. I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks mom!


Jeanne said...

They look fantastic! You are quite the chef!

Adri Hunt said...

Wow Kyle! Those look yummy.... can you send some to Tucson?!?!?! Have a Merry Christmas!!!