Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coming Home

He made an oath.  To serve and protect our country
It is something our family takes very seriously.  We love being a military family!

We promised to support him while he served.

In 24 years he has been to Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Hawaii.
In 20 years together we have lived in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina

We miss him when he is gone.

We always pray for safe returns.

He makes me proud of the time he serves. Two weeks is nothing.  He has been deployed for much longer.  Many service men and women are gone for a year or more.

We are glad he is on his way home.


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Jeanne said...

It hasn't been an easy two weeks this time. We are proud of your military family and grateful for those who serve and their families.