Friday, July 22, 2011

A simple lesson or two

I was really hoping to head over to the homeschool bookstore and pick up the book they had on hold for me.
So I called my friend and asked if her kids could stay with us another night so I didn't have to make two trips to the other side of town.

She said "Yes" and all the kids were excited!  So off we went to go get them.  As I was driving I started thinking.  I didn't call the bookstore to see if they were still open.  Hmmm... When I stop for gas I will do just that.

So I pull over and look at my phone.  I had put the hours in the email with the rest of the information for the store.  CLOSED.  It can't be right.  I am 15 minutes down the road!  I don't want to make this trip tomorrow with 6 kids in tow!  (Bless all who have more than the two I have.)

So I decided that I would call.  Of course they will answer, I thought to myself, I must have just copied the information wrong. Right?  Nope.  Still Closed.  So I have to call my friend and tell her I will not be getting the kids until the next morning.  Unfortunately, there were 6 unhappy kids.


Life doesn't always give us what we want.  Sometimes we have to wait for things.  Sometimes there is disappointment.  Lesson #1.  So I turned the car around and tuned into Radio Disney which they like.  Moods changed and we were off back home.

Now here is where lesson #2 is...  What we put into our minds.  As we drove along we started discussing some of the things the kids like.  Kyle had seen something that had some curse words in it.

I understand that this seems almost trivial to a lot of people now a days.  Cursing seems to be part of the "norm".  I used this as an opportunity to ask them how they wanted to fill their minds.  With good things or bad things?  

My friend Noreen told me a story.  I don't know where she heard it but I thought it was a good time to share it.  So I asked my kids.  If you saw a batch of brownies on the counter would you want one?  Of course they said "YES"!

So I asked them this question.  Now if the brownies got dumped in the trash would you still want one?
The answer was of course "NO!"

So I explained.  If you mix some good things with some bad things you have a garbage can full of things.  Yes, some things are really yummy things in there.  There are also some things that you don't want as well.

I hope that I will always have friends around me to share "Life Stories" with me. 
  Having others around to steer us in the right direction is what we need.


So the times that I get to spend with my kids teaching them a simple lesson are special times.
They grow up quickly.  I want to keep them on the right track.

I want to keep my kids innocent till they are 102!  Isn't that every parents dream?

Homeschooling gives me the opportunity to help put what goes into their minds. 

Where hopefully they will make good choices.

And I can help build followers of Christ a lesson or two at a time!


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