Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Graciousness and Gratefulness

I learned about them this week.

Since Michael has been gone over a week now I have had to rely on my neighbor TWICE to take me to pick up our truck.  I am humbled by his willingness to help me even if I am uncomfortable about it.  My friend said it is good to let the neighbors help you when you have first moved.  Especially if you don't know them well because it gives them an opportunity to "meet" you and learn about your family.  People enjoy the satisfaction of helping others!  I am one of those people.  Not the other way around.

I love to help others!  It is a joy and a privilege to me to help anyone I can wherever I am.  My kids tease me because I will talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime to help.  It seems funny now to be on the other side of the "help" fence.

So my neighbor and I did a song and dance of niceties to each other.  "I can be taken up there whenever it is convenient for you" I told him. "Oh, he says, I am not busy I can take you whenever."  "Would you like me to take you in the morning, afternoon, or evening?"  "Well we are going to a museum so we could go early morning or late afternoon." "Either works for me, what works for you."  "Oh well whatever is good for you."  On and on till we decided if I was here in the morning he could take me to pick up the truck around 8:15 am or we would go when I got back.  Technically no real decision!  Sound familiar?  I have done this dance so many times I can count the steps it takes to make a decision.  My neighbor was trying to be gracious and I was making it difficult.

As it turned out he arrived at the door at 8:15 am ready to take me to pick up the truck.  I was ready to go and we headed off.  I chatted about why I had to go back to get the truck and talked about how shocked I was to see a picture of my husband wearing flip flops.  "In twenty years of marriage I don't recall ever seeing that!"  I told him about Michael growing up on the beach and how he was enjoying Hawaii.  We laughed when I shared with him how I scared the kids at night opening and shutting all the doors in the house.  Since this was his grandfather's house he knew all about the doors!  There are 5 doors you can open and close to go in a complete circle on the 1st floor.  I even shared being scared the first night with just the kids and I in a house I didn't know well.

So I had swallowed my pride and asked for help.  If the truth be told...Sarah was right.  My neighbor learned about me, but I also learned a lot too!   He told me that his family had lived there a long time and reassured me that nothing had ever happened. That I could always call if I needed it.  I learned I was using the wrong garage and got a suggestion for a good mechanic.  He showed me a few "back ways" to get places around town by going two different directions to get to the garage.  I found out his youngest daughter talks as much as I do!  (Oh my!)  I even learned he has flip flops with can openers on them. (I already knew he had a bar stool you can drive!)  But the most important thing I learned?  The graciousness of my neighbor.  With a nod of his head and a simple "Thank you" from me I had made a new friend and learned about my neighbor and my neighborhood.

The definition of Gracious is:  having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior.   It was shown to me this week.  For that I am Grateful.


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