Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh be careful little mouth what you say

Can this children's son be true? I was talking to my mom the other day. I shared that I knew that she and my dad had struggled over the years. I have always thought they handled things so well and they have. So I had a confession.

I told her that I was even afraid to say it out loud but.... (cover your ears... I mean close your eyes!) I wasn't sure that we had "suffered" really. I mean Michael has been out of work several times, but God has always been there for us.

If something did happen I didn't think I could handle it. I mean God doesn't give what you can't handle right? Mom gave me wise words. She said that if it happened I might just "rise to the occasion".

My parents have always risen to their occasion. In the face of adversity they have climbed. I'm sure I can too.

Thanks Mom.


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Jeanne said...

I have every confidence in you. What a lovely, lovely tribute to us.