Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Murphy's Law

It never fails.

Murphy comes to visit when your husband goes out of town. I had a feeling....if it was going to happen it would happen while he is gone and it did.

We just purchased a "new to us" vehicle. A Dodge Durango. After searching high and low ( and believe me we were tired of looking!) this was the first one that did not smell of smoke. It had everything we wanted in it. Leather, dual air, third row seating so the kids would quit hitting each other... (just kidding... ok...not). So we bought the Durango.

And what happens?

Yep. Mater gets to visit us tonight. We went to the library and then over to a game store. Kyle noticed "smoke" coming from the engine. We carefully open th
e hood (We waited till after we went in the store) and it looks like a hose broke. Antifreeze everywhere! *Sigh* What do I do now?

All 20 years of being an Air Force wife and I have never had to deal with anything "on my own". I have always lived around family or had plenty of friends to call on to help in any situation. So I wasn't sure this sticker applied to me tonight.

I did what any girl would do when hubby is gone. I called my dad.

Then I called the one and only friend I have in the area (since we just moved). She was gracious enough to come and rescue us. We all made it home safely.

And Michael.... well he's off enjoying the North Shore of Hawaii on his off time.

And tomorrow is.....

See you later Mr. Murphy!


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