Friday, July 8, 2011

We live on a farm!

That was the title of the book Dianne taught Billy and I to read when we were little
Who knew that it would come true!

We really like it in the country. We live on a 32 acre farm that is farmed by Porter Farms. Luckily we do not have to actually "farm" the land because I don't have a green thumb at all! Mr. Porter grows lots of things. Right now he is growing tomatoes, green beans, watermelons, and sweet potatoes. I think we could make a meal off of that! Here are a couple pictures of the "farm" or our back yard!

You can see one of the three ponds in this second picture.

We have been in our new house for about 2 months now. Our house is just right. I feel like Goldilocks from Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Our first house was just a little small, our last house was a little big, and this house is "Just Right"!
Because we live in the country we have well water. Now my grandma says well water is the best... I am still learning to get used to it. Around this area they cover the actual well with a wishing well. I think it is cute.

One of my favorite spots outside is the court yard. This is before we put our patio set and grill out there.

I snapped a couple pictures of favorite places in the house. The first is the fireplace in the living room. I need a bigger picture to put over it but for now this one that my friend painted works. I also of course have my bull dog at the bottom!

Next is the dining room. I love my dining set so here is a picture of it. :)

We just acquired this piece of furniture. It is Pap-Pap's table. We bought chairs and Kyle put them together and stained them. It seems like it belongs here.

This last room is my number one favorite room. It is the school room. It is light and bright. It is a big room and we are ready to use it!

So that is our new little house. We love it. We hope you will come and visit and enjoy our farm with us!

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