Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet my accident prone daughter.

My daughter is beautiful and accident prone.

Here are just two pictures of the bones she has broken. (She has actually broken both elbows and both ankles!)

So it was no surprise that she got hurt yesterday.

You see...

She decided to play with Kyle's yoga ball.

You can see Kyle sitting nicely on it for school. (We learned that it is helpful for him since he was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder.)

She had already mutilated her ball. (She thinks I believe that a pencil fell into it.)

So she decided to roll on her tummy using Kyle's ball. As she was rolling she went to far tried to grab the table and had the ball at her feet and twisted as she fell to the ground. Her back arched backward. (Think of a cat and she did the opposite.) Mind you I am not even home!! (I had to go pick up the Durango from the shop.) This is always a parent's fear!

24 hours later and Ibuprofen...... Off to the doctor we go....

Gratefully, we think nothing is broken. Official diagnosis is "back strain". The doctor did note that she had a compressed vertebrae that would need to be looked at IF she was not better in 3 weeks. He was pretty sure that it was smaller only because she is still growing. Whew!
So what now?

Lots of Rest!!!


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Jeanne said...

Poor Kyra!! She'll outgrow being accident prone but until then....!